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Facebook Start 2018 by Cutting the News Feed for Businesses, Brands & Media

Few hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder & CEO of Facebook through his Facebook post announced that his big focus area for 2018 will be to make sure that the time spent by users on Facebook is time well spent.

He plans to start doing that through Facebook’s News Feed, where users will be expected to see more from their family, friends and groups, and less from businesses, brands and media pages. Facebook’s team has been making changes in this direction since the last year.

The CEO of Facebook also announced that this was just the beginning in this direction and in a few months, he plans to connect users even better.

According to the feedback received from the Facebook community, public content (posts from businesses, brands and media) is crowding out the personal moments. The idea of building Facebook is to help people stay connected and bring them closer together, said Mark.

“Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness”, added Zuckerberg. Hence, Facebook feel a responsibility to make sure that their services aren’t just fun to use, but also to take care of people’s well-being. As a result, they started studying this trend carefully by doing their research with leading experts at universities and also at their academic research.

Passively reading articles or watching videos, even if they are entertaining or informative, may not be as good as connecting with people we care about. It can be good for our well-being as it makes us feel more connected and less lonely, which correlates with long term measurement of happiness and health, they concluded.


“We built Facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us” added Mark.

Public content like articles, memes, videos etc. have exploded on Facebook in the past couple of years. Since there are less posts from users compared to public pages there is an imbalance which Facebook is looking to rectify.

The time users spend on Facebook, along with other measures of engagement are expected to drop down after these changes are made. However, Facebook is optimistic; they expect the time users do spend on Facebook will be more valuable, which will be good for the social media community and also for their business in the long run.

Mark concluded by saying that at its best, Facebook has always been about personal connections. And he wants to help make sure that Facebook provides quality time for their users.

So what should businesses and brands do now?

They should focus more on meaningful content that encourages interactions between people, as after this update rolls out, we will see less public content like posts from business and brand pages, and more posts from users in the News Feed.

Zuckerberg has instructed his product teams to focus on helping users find relevant content in order to have a meaningful social interaction. Hence, marketers need to narrow their focus totally towards hitting their target audience and pushing enticing content forward that engages social interactions.

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A Peek at Google+, Tumblr and Reddit & Rise of Smartphones in the Social Media Market

Social Media with its concept of launching websites and mobile applications which empower the users to create and share content has taken apart traditional marketing.

Social Media rose to new heights since the inception of smartphones. The fast development of mobile technology, especially the scale and the speed with which it gets used for interacting, networking and sharing information has played a vital role in influencing social media.

The impact of smartphones on social media can clearly be witnessed with the rise of mobile applications developed to serve the mass audience. Every social media platform has launched a mobile application, and research suggest that activities on the smartphone via the apps outnumber the desktop and the laptops by a decent margin.

The rise of smartphones has made sure that the social media market expands much more rapidly than it was predicted in the early 21st century. We have already covered a lot of the popular social media platforms in our previous blog posts. Let’s shed some light on these platforms too:


Operated and owned by the Search Engine giant Google, Google+ provides basic social media services to allow users to display a profile picture, an about section to express their views, cover picture, work history, interests, among other things.

The unique point about Google+ is its “Circles”. Circles is the main feature of the social media platform. Users can organize people into groups using Circles to share posts. Users can specifically share private content to a particular group. For example, a Circle of family members where you can just share that content with them rather than making it available for your other contacts.

One major advantage marketers see in Google+ is that it is a great source for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hence, marketers tend to conduct a lot of ranking activities through Google+ posts, and the results are positive. Google+ posts tend to rank much higher on the search results compared to social bookmarking and article submission platforms.


Tumblr is a microblogging social media platform. Tumblr is owned by the search engine Yahoo. Users can write and share short blogs and can include multi-media.

Similar to Google+, Tumblr also boosts your SEO. The blogs uploaded on Tumblr are visible and available directly on the web. Tumblr posts gets indexed by search engines, which helps visibility and rankings. You can also interlink your Tumblr blogs to Google Analytics and monitor the traffic.

According to a research, 50% of Tumblr users are below the age of 25. This is a great statistic for businesses who targets this age group.


Reddit is a social news aggregation, discussion and a web content rating social media platform. Reddit’s members can submit content in the form of text posts or direct links.

Content entered on Reddit are organized into areas of internet called Subreddits. Subreddits are basically topics such as television, books, music etc.

Reddit’s slogan “The Front Page to the Internet” is literally true as many discussions, and direct links posted are highly admired by the search engine crawlers. Hence, they have a better ranking on search engines.

Google+, Tumblr, Reddit and many other social media platforms have launched mobile applications after witnessing the rise of smartphones sales globally. As the research suggest, content shared on smartphone to social media already overtook desktop and laptops in recent years.

Google+ Tumblr & Reddit Apps

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Impact of Pinterest & YouTube on Social Media

Social Media has revolutionized the modern era’s communication and the way it perceives the internet. Socializing on the web is an integral part of today’s generation. With billions of people interacting through the internet, social media has had a tremendous impact on businesses, politics, sports, public figures, cyber bullying among others.

With so much importance to social media, it is necessary to analyze each platform separately and learn about their uniqueness and flamboyance. As we have already discussed about 4 Major Social Media Platforms for Business with Their Statistics (includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) in our previous blog, today we are going to examine Pinterest and YouTube in this article:


Pinterest is a photo sharing social media platform. It is available on the web and mobile application.

Launched in 2010, users on the platform can upload, save, manage and sort images and other media contents like videos which are called “pins” and add adequate text as a caption for other users’ understanding. These pins have to be assigned to a particular “board”. The Board acts more like a category, for example if you pin about a cricket bat, you can create a board called “Cricket” and add the pin in it.

One of the most interesting fact about Pinterest is that more than 80% of its users are females (according to a recent study). This gives marketers and businesses a very good idea to feed content for the female audience.


Founded in 2005, YouTube is a video sharing platform. After it was bought by Google in 2006, YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Users have the liberty to view videos along with uploading, sharing, rating, adding to favourites, reporting and also commenting on them. YouTube uses various technologies to display a wide range of user generated and corporate media videos.

Most popular content on the platform includes TV show clips, short and long documentary films, music videos, movie trailers, audio recordings, short films and educational videos.

According to a research, as of February 2011, YouTube has 490 million unique users per month across the globe. These users view an estimated 92 billion page views per month. The mind-blowing fact is that these statistics are just from the main YouTube website, they don’t include the videos watched on mobile devices or incorporate embedded videos.

Speaking of Social Media, YouTube has announced that there are more than 400 tweets per minute that contains a link from the video sharing giant. Facebook is the host of over 150 years’ worth of YouTube videos watched on a daily basis.

Often Pinterest is compared to Instagram in terms of statistics which include the user database and the content uploaded, however, Pinterest is unique in its own ways. Even though they are both image sharing social media platforms, Pinterest has its own identity and its users acknowledge that fact.

Coming to YouTube, there are a lot of video sharing platforms available, but nobody has enjoyed the stat achievement and the incredible success that YouTube has over the years. Being associated to Google surely has its perks as popular YouTube videos find a special place in the Google rankings.

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