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7 Ways to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized (SEO) – Beginner’s Guide


Creating a website in this digital era is an absolute necessity. It is a great branding tool to market your business. A website serves as a cost-effective advertising platform that provides global exposure and is accessible from a lot of digital devices.

A website has to be optimized according to search engine parameters to rank better with search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 Ways to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

1. Content

Good content is the most precious asset on a website. The use of words and the way the content narrates your business and products/services is a vital part of your website’s presentation. Search Engines likes Google, regard content as one of the key ranking parameters through their algorithms.

Your website can rank among the top 3 searches or can be blacklisted from search engines based on the content displayed on the website.

2. Allocating Keywords

Keywords are the highlighted words from your website’s content. Good keywords define your business, products/services, mission, vision etcetera. Over the years, webmasters have used keywords as a parameter for their success on search engines. If companies rank according to their target keywords, they are assumed to be successful with their SEO activities.

However, some webmasters have tried to stuff keywords to gain an edge over the competitors and have failed greatly. Keyword stuffing is a fatal activity and can result in bad rankings.

3. Meta Tags

Meta Tags explains a page’s content through snippets of texts. Meta Tags are only present in the page’s code. Meta Tags feed information to search engine bots when they crawl your website. Meta Tags help search engine crawlers greatly to determine what a webpage is all about.

Adding Meta Tags to your website’s code is absolutely necessary to rank better on search engines.

4. URL Allocation

While creating a website, web developers create URLs for each and every page of the website. These URLs are also tracked closely by search engine bots. Like Meta Tags, these URLs also describe the webpage’s information in brief.

Hence, you have to be very careful while allocating URLs, because if you suddenly change the URL, search engine bots gets confused and identify the webpage for content duplication.

Make sure that there are no broken links on your website (broken links are common with e-commerce websites). Also, be careful while you are internally linking URLs.

5. Site Speed

The speed at which a webpage opens is site speed. Search engines do love sites that open quickly in ideal circumstances. Site speed heavily depends on your server’s response time. JavaScript and CSS also play an important role to create a website with a fast average site speed.

6. Setting up Analytics

Different search engines provide different web analytics tools to track, analyze and report your website’s functionalities. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools used by webmasters along with Bing Webmaster Tools and Flurry Analytics.

These tools are a great way to get useful insights for your website. They can determine your site speed too along with real time update on the website visitors, their location, traffic source among plenty of other insights.

7. Social Media Profile Linking

Having a social media presence is essential in today’s era. With billions of users, social media provides the perfect platform to increase your business’ visibility. And therefore, it is also crucial to link your social media profiles to your website. This creates a strong backlink to your social profiles and to your website.

To-Do List to create a website Image


So these were the 7 Ways to Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized (SEO). There are some other methods and plenty of tools available to enhance your SEO strategy too. You can Contact-Us if you have any queries, we would love to help you out!

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Inbound Marketing Concepts, Types of Contents & Their Benefits

Inbound Marketing - Marcabees

Inbound Marketing is the concept of attracting customers via content and interactions rather than approaching potential customers or leads. Inbound Marketing is considered to be one of the most powerful tools in marketing as a client approaches the seller rather than the other way around.

In business terminology, Inbound Marketing is a pull strategy. With the help of blogs, articles, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), events, social media etcetera, inbound marketing focusses on brand awareness. Using brand as a powerful tool, it intends to attract new businesses, clients and opportunities. Outbound Marketing on the other hand fights for potential customer’s attention.

With Inbound Marketing, a brand or a business doesn’t have to worry about filtering quality leads, the content itself helps in attracting quality prospects. A business or a brand doesn’t have to work hard to build trust and credibility.

In today’s era, many companies understand that content must be connected with customer’s interest in order to create an appeal in their mind. Hence, businesses are aligning their helpful and creative content with the public interest.

There are some types of content that can be used for Inbound Marketing:

  • Blogs.
  • Articles.
  • Slide Shows.
  • Videos.
  • Images.
  • Infographics.
  • Memes.
  • Reviews.
  • Testimonials.
  • Lists.
  • Case Studies.
  • FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Newsletters.
  • White Papers.

Using these form of contents, Inbound Marketing can be effectively carried out. One of the most effective Inbound Marketing technique is to engage on social media platforms. Participating in social media contests, engaging in social media question & answers, giving your personal view about a subject can be a viral interactive experience. Social Media provides a massive audience with billions of active users checking their social profiles daily.

Another effective way is to give away a free guide. Make sure that this guide is directly related to your business. Creating an advanced and a detailed guide which is helpful boosts your credibility. Make guides thousands of words long making them a huge source of organic traffic. However, keep the guide as specific as possible, as you are trying to get a precise type of visitors. These visitors should ideally convert into customers in the near future.

Inbound Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. If you have not tried them yet, you should start today. There are a lot of other ways to grow a business via Inbound Marketing, and we will bring them to you in our future blogs and articles.

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A Peek at Google+, Tumblr and Reddit & Rise of Smartphones in the Social Media Market

Social Media with its concept of launching websites and mobile applications which empower the users to create and share content has taken apart traditional marketing.

Social Media rose to new heights since the inception of smartphones. The fast development of mobile technology, especially the scale and the speed with which it gets used for interacting, networking and sharing information has played a vital role in influencing social media.

The impact of smartphones on social media can clearly be witnessed with the rise of mobile applications developed to serve the mass audience. Every social media platform has launched a mobile application, and research suggest that activities on the smartphone via the apps outnumber the desktop and the laptops by a decent margin.

The rise of smartphones has made sure that the social media market expands much more rapidly than it was predicted in the early 21st century. We have already covered a lot of the popular social media platforms in our previous blog posts. Let’s shed some light on these platforms too:


Operated and owned by the Search Engine giant Google, Google+ provides basic social media services to allow users to display a profile picture, an about section to express their views, cover picture, work history, interests, among other things.

The unique point about Google+ is its “Circles”. Circles is the main feature of the social media platform. Users can organize people into groups using Circles to share posts. Users can specifically share private content to a particular group. For example, a Circle of family members where you can just share that content with them rather than making it available for your other contacts.

One major advantage marketers see in Google+ is that it is a great source for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hence, marketers tend to conduct a lot of ranking activities through Google+ posts, and the results are positive. Google+ posts tend to rank much higher on the search results compared to social bookmarking and article submission platforms.


Tumblr is a microblogging social media platform. Tumblr is owned by the search engine Yahoo. Users can write and share short blogs and can include multi-media.

Similar to Google+, Tumblr also boosts your SEO. The blogs uploaded on Tumblr are visible and available directly on the web. Tumblr posts gets indexed by search engines, which helps visibility and rankings. You can also interlink your Tumblr blogs to Google Analytics and monitor the traffic.

According to a research, 50% of Tumblr users are below the age of 25. This is a great statistic for businesses who targets this age group.


Reddit is a social news aggregation, discussion and a web content rating social media platform. Reddit’s members can submit content in the form of text posts or direct links.

Content entered on Reddit are organized into areas of internet called Subreddits. Subreddits are basically topics such as television, books, music etc.

Reddit’s slogan “The Front Page to the Internet” is literally true as many discussions, and direct links posted are highly admired by the search engine crawlers. Hence, they have a better ranking on search engines.

Google+, Tumblr, Reddit and many other social media platforms have launched mobile applications after witnessing the rise of smartphones sales globally. As the research suggest, content shared on smartphone to social media already overtook desktop and laptops in recent years.

Google+ Tumblr & Reddit Apps

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Digital Marketing Tips for Small Medium Businesses (SMB)

Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands and products through electronic media to represent them globally with the help of the internet.

It is the need of the hour not just for multi-national companies or big enterprises, but also for small and medium businesses (SMB). These SMB still follow the traditional ways to run their operations and marketing because they believe that Digital Marketing is for massive companies with huge revenues and not for them.

The idea of entering into an unknown territory scares the SMB community. They fear for their brand having a bad name, they will not get the ROI if they spend money and they feel that exposing themselves to the internet is not necessary.

They are comfortable in their zone because the business is running and is making adequate money to continue its operations. However, young players in the market are aware of internet’s power and influence. They are either looking to outsource these services or are managing as much as they can on their own. This gives them the competitive advantage over your business which has been present decades.

What should you do to get your business online without spending anything? Follow these steps:

1. Make Your Business Available on Google:

Ideally a business should be available on all search engine platforms, but Google has such dominance in the search engine market that just being present on Google can work well for starters.

If you have a store, mark your business on Google Maps so that potential customers can easily locate you with directions. Simply sign-up on Google and add your business using the Google Business page. Google Business page also helps in crawling your business, the type of service or products your business provides, your working hours along with the exact location with directions for the user.

Marcabees on Google

2. Choose your Social Media Platforms:

There are a lot of Social Media platforms all over the internet and everyone has their own popularity zones.

As an SMB, you must choose and pick the right platforms for your business instead of being present everywhere. If it works for you to be present everywhere, then ideally you should have a presence everywhere, but the key factor is to be active everywhere. The secret to social media success is to run your operations actively. Many businesses have social profiles everywhere and are active on some or none of them. This can be harmful, as someone might post something bad about your business or product or service and it may stay on forever.

So, choose your platforms, be active on them and engage with your target audience to grow your business on online portals.

3. Create a Website:

Creating a website might seem like rocket science to many people, but it is not that tough. Platforms like WordPress, Weebly among many other have made website creation a much simpler task.

A website gives your business an opportunity to display its products, services, ideologies, mission, vision etc. A website is your space to communicate with the rest of the world. However, you need to have a good displayed website as it is the face of your company online. You can learn from plenty of tutorials from YouTube, and individual site FAQs.

4. Be Active & Keep a Check at things:

Being active doesn’t apply to Social Media only, you need to do that all over the internet to ensure that your online reputation is healthy.

Potential customers check your business status plenty of times before even entering your shop. With the help of your website, social media presence, they might know your business inside out before even meeting you. It is vital for a business to have a good reputation in the form of good reviews and testimonials from past and existing customers.

A good review with good products and services can sell your products instantly, and a bad one will push your potential customers away and lead them right to your competitors.

5. Share your Expertise over the Internet:

Since you have been working in your business for a long time and you have an expertise over the domain, sharing your knowledge in the form of blog postings, FAQs, writing on forums, participating in online debates is a great branding activity for you and your business.

People are vocal on the internet. They don’t think twice before sharing their opinion. Therefore, if they like your views, blogs, videos or any other content, they make sure to give their thumbs up and they appreciate it.

With everything going Digital, SMB has to catch up in the race or else they will be left behind.